Pat Sovern (writer)

My Experiences


I was born in Heilbronn, Germany and grew up as an "army brat".  When my dad retired from the army, I went to school and graduated from Brownstown Central High School. I went to Indiana University and earned my BA and Masters in Education.  I taught at the elementary school in Brownstown and was transferred to the middle school to work with special needs children in their language arts class. I feel this experience helped me improve my writing and led me to become a writer. I knew HD Hogan personally and feel he wanted his story to be told. I am honored I got to be the one to tell it in my new book, My Boy Is Home.

My Community


Without readers, there would be no reason to write. What you think is important. You may contact me on the social media links if you wish. Also, your review of my book on Amazon is very much appreciated.

Join My Journey


Life is definitely a journey. Join me in my  new chapter in life as a writer. I will post pictures, videos, and announcements of my book(s). Links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are on my homepage.