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Book Reviews

What a Cowboy! What a Marine! (yosh 8-22-18) This young man lived his life to the fullest, not knowing how soon it would end. I enjoyed learning about his incredible rodeo experience with his dad and about his military training. I am proud to say I knew Hunter most of his life and I am so happy his legacy lives on in a surprising and wonderful way. Thank you Patricia for sharing this heartfelt story with us.

A Great Book!  (Amazon Customer 9-12-18)  I just finished reading “My Boy is Home” by Pat Sovern. I recommend this book to anyone who has a love of the rodeo, the military, your country or family. Pat has a way of pulling you in to the character’s feelings, getting you so involved with the story that you can’t put the book down. I haven’t been so emotional reading a book in a long time!!

Hunter "HD" Hogan Foundation

The Hunter "HD" Hogan Foundation was established by his father, Steve. It gives out annual scholarships for the rodeo and donates to nonprofit organizations that support veterans.

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Virago Fitness

Brittney Hogan turned to fitness to help her deal with her grief. She established Virago Fitness which promotes fitness activities, healthy eating, and sells athletic apparel made in the U.S.A.  Part of the proceeds go to the foundation and organizations that support veterans.

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